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Top tips: getting more time out of your day

We've all had those times in our lives when there just aren't enough hours in the day. But if you're finding that this is an everyday occurrence, wouldn't it be great if you could find a way to squeeze 28 hours into every day? Here are my top tips for getting a bit more time out of every day by just sticking to a few simple tricks.

1. Get enough sleep: This may seem a bit basic but it’s proven that you’ll be more productive if your body and mind have had enough rest. Recommended 7-9 hours per night.

2. Wake up earlier: Another no-brainer really. Even if you’re not a morning person, getting up an hour earlier will allow you to get more done when it’s still quiet and there are less

distractions. Once the initial ‘pain’ of stepping out of your comfy bed has gone, you can crack with the day!

3. Make a daily to-do list: Create a daily list of realistic jobs to tackle, things that you need/want to get done. Break up big goals into smaller manageable tasks so you don’t run the risk of not completing them. You’ll feel great each time you cross off a task so completing the whole list will feel amazing!

4. Prioritise your tasks: Once you’ve got your to-do list, highlight the items that you really have to get done. And try to start with the jobs that you’re not looking forward to – you’ll feel much better once your least favourite tasks are done and dusted.

5.Create a 'to-don't ' list: Bad habits are just as significant as good ones, so if you’re in the habit of procrastinating, you might also want to make a list of things not to do because they make you unproductive.

6. Silence is golden: If you’re easily distracted and time is tight, silence could be the key to getting things done. Turn the ringer off the phone and switch off email alerts, if only for a short time. You’ll be amazed how much you can get one with a little peace and quiet.

7. Step away from social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like can be a huge time suck. When you’ve got stuff to do, stay away from social media until you’ve made headway with the important stuff.

8. Clear your inbox: Once that inbox is open, sort every email; respond, file or delete. Keeping your inbox clean is key to staying organised – if you don’t let it become a mammoth task, it will be much easier to deal with and you’ll feel much better knowing that everything is in order.

9. Say no: Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Learning to say no (e.g. to going out for drinks when you're tired and extra projects when you're swamped) will ensure that your time is controlled by the person it means most to – YOU!

10. Reflect on you what you’ve achieved: Toward the end of the week, reflect on what you’ve accomplished and make any necessary schedule tweaks for the following week. Now you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back and look forward to an even better week next week!

And if you still find that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, give Girl Friday a call. She’s an extra pair of hands when your to-do list is just too big.

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