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Getting to know your client without ever meeting them

As a Virtual Assistant, I don’t often get to meet my clients. In fact, other than an initial telephone conversation, I don’t very often get to speak to them either. Most communication takes place via electronic methods which may seem a little impersonal but as my clients are all busy professional people, they don’t want unnecessary telephone calls every time I have an update.

When I sign up a new client, I encourage them to fill me in on any likes and dislikes that they might have right from the start. This would usually include things like:

· Travel preferences (do they prefer a window or an aisle seat?)

· Communication preferences (email, phone, texts, WhatsApp, Messenger etc)

· Style (traditional, contemporary, modern)

· Colours (bold and bright, neutral, dark and moody?)

· Retailers (Harrods, John Lewis or Primark?)

Whilst I get used to the way they like things done, it helps me to provide a great service and avoid any annoyances along the way. There would be nothing worse than starting off a working relationship by doing all the things that really frustrate someone you are trying to impress!

Although the questions I initially ask my clients to provide is of a professional nature i.e. things that will allow me to complete the tasks they require of me, I do sometimes get to know some more ‘personal’ predilections which are always interesting to know!

If someone was to ask me about my personal preferences or my pet peeves, what would my list look like? Here goes…


· Travel preferences – aisle seat for me

· Communication – email every time (it's vital for me to have a searchable trail of tasks)

· Style – mood dependent

· Colours – neutral for the home but most of the contents of my wardrobe are black

· Retailer – John Lewis (although I do most of my non-grocery shopping with Amazon)

Pet peeves

· Being late (this is more about me being late than other people)

· Leaving cupboard doors/drawers open

· Unkindness - People who speak before engaging their brain

· Drivers who don’t indicate (and drivers who don’t notice that their indicator is still on)

· Large crowds and loud noises

So what would your pet peeves be? Are there certain things that just make your blood boil? I'd love to know...

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