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  • Steff Booth

Not just your VA; your friend and confidante too

Virtual Assistants are known for having a particular set of skills:

  • Super organised

  • Keen eye for detail

  • Ability to juggle multiple balls simultaneously

  • Ability to hit deadlines

  • Problem solvers

The above skills (amongst many others) are renowned within the Virtual Assistant industry but very rarely do we talk about the 'softer' elements that your Virtual Assistant will bring to your life.

It doesn't happen with every client but just sometimes, we get to work with people that we just click with on every level. We're probably not supposed to have favourite clients but if we did, these are the people that we will bend over backwards for and will have a much stronger bond with.

David Bowie, very famously had a Personal Assistant that worked with him for over 42 years. Corinne 'Coco' Schwab answered an advert for a 'Girl Friday in a busy office' back in 1973 and stayed with the entertainer until his death in January 2016. Bowie described Coco as his 'closest confidant' and 'best friend', and the main influence in getting him away from various 'bad habits' that fame brought along for the ride.

As a Virtual Assistant, we often work multiple hours with our clients every week, either within their business life or their personal life (and often both!) This gives us great insight into how they tick, their likes, dislikes and personal preferences in all walks of life. We interact with their family and friends, communicate with others on their behalf and are generally like their shadow.

When we're lucky enough to get a client like this, the level of our loyalty and dedication goes to a whole new level as we really become 'part of the family'.

David Bowie rewarded Coco Schwab for her loyalty and dedication by writing a song in tribute to her called 'Never Let Me Down'. Oh, and he also bequeathed $2m to her when he died. That's over $47k for every year she worked with him.

How nice would it be to have your own confidante and best friend? Someone you could rely upon wholeheartedly with all your business and personal affairs? There is a Virtual Assistant out there just waiting for you... your missing part of the puzzle.



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