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  • Steff Booth

Which household tasks do you hate the most?

We all have a list of tasks that we know need doing but whether it’s because we don’t have the time, the right tools for the job or simply the inclination, these little jobs can often take weeks, months, sometimes years to complete. Or dare I say it, may never get done at all?

I’m a scrupulously organised person but I’ll hold my hands up and admit that the first two on the list are mine. But in my defence, I can’t be trusted with our ladders and I avoid anywhere that I’m likely to come across a spider, so I can always find a reason to put these tasks off.

But as with my excuses above, I’m sure that you have your own carefully prepared reasons why you haven’t gotten round to completing the outstanding tasks around your home. Whatever they are, don’t forget that help is at hand. Although I may not relish the thought of sorting out your loft or your garage, I will happily do all that I can to assist you in getting these jobs off your list.

  1. Having a clear-out in the loft

  2. Clearing out the garage

  3. Selling items you no longer use on eBay

  4. Tidying out the drawers in your kitchen

  5. Booking an appointment with the Dentist

  6. De-cluttering your closet

  7. Saving your old photos digitally

  8. Sorting out your CDs / DVDs

  9. Taking your unwanted items to the charity shop

  10. Filing all your household paperwork

  11. Compiling all the household instruction manuals

  12. Labelling your plugs

  13. Taking your suits etc to the dry cleaners

  14. Sending a card/gift to someone to say thank you

  15. Sourcing a birthday gift for someone special

  16. Checking the contents of your kitchen cupboards for expiry dates

  17. Sorting your shoes into pairs

  18. Clearing out the bathroom cabinet

  19. Listing all the special occasions so you don’t forget any throughout the year

  20. Booking an appointment to sort out your will

So, if you still can’t bear the thought of giving up your spare time to get these job done and dusted, get in touch with Girl Friday – she’ll be happy to help!



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