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Making light work of your incoming mail

Do you often put off dealing with your personal paperwork? Never seem to find the time to deal with your mail? For me, I find that the best way to deal with it, is to get it done as soon as it arrives (whenever possible) which means that you don’t end up with a big pile of stuff to deal with. The trouble is, as soon as the pile starts to get bigger, it becomes a task that you really don’t want to tackle so you keep putting it off until eventually the pile gets so big that it falls over! One way to assist with this, is to break the task into bite sized chunks. If you can at least sort your paperwork into three distinct piles when it lands on the doormat, you can at least tackle the piles, one at a time when you have a little spare time. Depending on how much mail you receive will depend on how you can separate the items up;

  • If you only receive small quantities of mail each week, you can probably get away with using some large labelled bulldog clips

  • If you regularly receive documents which need reviewing and filing, some desk trays will probably do the trick

  • If you are Mr/Mrs Popular and receive all the above plus regular correspondence which requires a reply or some other form of action, box files are probably the way to go

Most people should be able to use a simple three-part system: Read, Do and File. The only difference will be the size of the storage required! Whether you dedicate some time in your diary to get through your paperwork each week/month or you just tackle a bit at a time when you can, at least you’ll be able to find documents quickly should you need to. And if you just can't bear the thought of tackling your unruly paperwork, let Girl Friday Harrow do it for you!



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