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And welcome to Girl Friday's blog.

There's lots going on in the world of Girl Friday at the moment. A forthcoming new location means a new website and a new blog, so here it is.

This is where I get to share some of my ramblings and pass on hints, tips and some simple ways for small owners and busy professionals to save time and also save money. I'll also keep you posted about any really useful gadgets that I come across 'cos everyone loves a gadget, especially if it saves you time or makes your life easier.

So if you're interested in the blog articles, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter via the new website and you'll get them straight into your inbox every fortnight. You can subscribe by providing your details.

It's the run up to Christmas, all my clients are keeping me very busy at the moment and I'm currently learning Spanish so why choose now to get this done? Easy! I love a challenge...

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