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De-clutter: time for a clear-out?

Spring is just around the corner, so what better time to have good, long look around your home and have yourself a little clear out of all the clutter that is simply getting in the way and taking up space. It may seem like a good idea when you start the task but when it comes down to it, it can sometimes be harder said than done. You can usually find a really good reason as to why you need to keep hold of clothes that don't fit, things that are no longer working and items that you have never used and probably will never use. Here’s my simple four-step process for sorting out your clutter:

Tackle one room at a time

  • tarting left to right, go through every cupboard, drawer, box or anywhere else you hide things away

  • Sort your items into four simple categories: Keep, Ditch, Sell and Donate

  • Work through each of the categories until you’re done!


It’s always easy to look at your stuff and decide that you want/need to keep all of it but that just won’t work. Every year you’ll end up with more and more clutter and have nowhere to keep it so try to be brutal with your decisions. There are a few questions that might help:

  • Does it still fit / work? If the answer is no, get rid!

  • Do you have a newer version / more than one? No benefit in having duplicates!

  • Have you used it in the past year? If not, you probably don't need it!

  • Would you really miss it if it was gone / could someone else benefit more from it? This one can be tough but if in doubt, think of the fuzzy feeling you'll get knowing that someone else is enjoying and getting use out of your unwanted items.

If you answer the above questions quickly without trying to come up with a reason for keeping hold of all this clutter, the decision should be fairly simple…

DitchIf you have been honest answering the above questions, then you should be left with a pile of things that you can get rid of. Don’t forget to consider though whether they fit into the other two categories (sell and donate). Items in your ‘ditch’ pile may no longer be of any value or use to you anymore but someone may benefit from them. SellSome of the items you want to turn out may still have some value so you may be able to make a little money from them. There are various options you can try:

  • eBay; the online portal to buy and sell everything and anything!

  • Local newspapers / shop windows

  • Gumtree

  • Car Boot Sales

  • Specialist shops for any items of particular interest or value


A great way to deal with your unwanted items is to offer them to friends and family who may have a use for them or to donate them to charity. There are charity shops in every town who will gladly take your unwanted items from you. Check with your local charity shops what items they will and won’t accept before turning up with a lorry load! Finding the time to declutter is always difficult but you’ll be really pleased when the job is done. Sometimes the whole experience can seem daunting and would be much easier with a second opinion to hand. If that sounds like you, give Girl Friday a call – she knows just the person to help!



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