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  • Steff Booth

Christmas shopping made easy

If you dread that time of year when the Christmas advertising starts to appear everywhere you look, you might be interested in one of the services I provide for a number of clients.

Many of my clients are busy business professionals with not enough hours in the day, so when Christmas comes around, they know that they can count on me to take the pressure off when it comes to sorting out gifts for their employees, friends and family.

They simply give me a list of the people that they want to purchase a gift for, along with a budget for each and they leave the rest to me. It’s always great to get a few pointers if they have any specific insight into the gifts to source but I’m often working with the minimum of information on each gift recipient.

After plenty of online research, I provide my clients with a choice of up to three gifts for each recipient along with the details of where the gifts can be obtained from. Some clients like to purchase the gifts themselves whilst others rely on me to undertake the purchasing on their behalf.

Then the next decision for my clients is whether they wish to do their own wrapping. It’s a time-consuming, back-breaking task but someone has to do it… and it’s usually me! But I have to admit that this is my favourite part. Put a Christmas movie on the TV or press shuffle on those Christmas classic tunes and I can lose myself in an assortment of wrapping paper, tape, ribbon and tags – what’s not to love?

The clients who take advantage of this service so do for the following reasons:

  1. It saves them time – no trawling around the shops or spending hours online searching for that perfect gift.

  2. It saves them money – even though they have my fee to consider, I always strive to find my clients the right gift at the best price, so will undertake price comparisons with similar retailers to make sure that I can locate the best priced gifts.

  3. It saves them the stress – there’s nothing worse than the feeling of desperation when Christmas is getting closer and you still haven’t purchased a single gift yet.

One of my clients was so impressed with the ease of getting his Christmas gifts sorted with Girl Friday that he employs me to sort out the majority of birthday and anniversary gifts throughout the rest of the year too. So if you would rather be enjoying yourself instead of stressing over Christmas presents or if you know someone who just doesn’t have the time to source Christmas gifts, give Girl Friday a call.



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