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Best laid plans...

As a Virtual Assistant, you have to be organised.

I sometimes think (and have been told many times by others) that I'm often a bit too organised. Everything I do is planned. From the contents of my working day, to the meals my partner and I will be eating each week. From thinking ahead to upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, to the online grocery shopping. From everyday household chores, to booking travel arrangements for a holiday. Everything is planned to the last letter and I'm not great if things change...

The festive season is obviously a major planning opportunity, especially as we have plenty of family and friends to see and they're nicely spread all over the UK. This year seemed even more complicated than past years as we had a few other things to fit into the schedule along the way.

Unfortunately, in the run-up to our Christmas break, we had to self-isolate as my partner had been in contact with someone who had tested positive. Although neither of us had symptoms, we thought it would be a better idea to steer clear of anyone else, so we 'adjusted' our schedule, delaying some visits for a week later.

December - all Christmas cards made, written and posted. All Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped. Grocery shopping complete for the run up to Christmas.

17th December - I finish work for the festive season

20th December - partner Gordon finishes work for the festive season

21st December - visiting Gordon's Step-Dad in North Yorkshire

22nd December - day at home

23rd December - guests at a wedding in Preston

24th December - drive back from Preston, afternoon at home

25th December - visiting my family in Derbyshire

25th December PM - drive to Glasgow to Gordon's family - very scratchy throat for me

26th December - meal in the house with Gordon's family

26th December PM - notified that some of the wedding guests had tested positive for Covid-19 so sneaked upstairs to take a test - now I'm in isolation away from Gordon's family as I tested positive - Gordon is testing negative

27th December - drive to PCR testing site in Manchester then straight home to isolate

27th December - didn't get to see Gordon's Dad for Christmas

28th December - isolation for 10 days (or until 5th Jan if still testing positive at day 6&7)

28th December - isolation, should have been flying to Spain today

29th December - isolation, should have been having lunch at the Beach House

30th December - isolation, should have been having dinner at La Scala

31st December - isolation, first negative test result

31st December - isolation, should have been having fun with friends in Spain

1st January - isolation, second negative test result

3rd January - went to the local pub for a drink before dinner

4th January - both back at work

Now, it has to be said that, despite the disruption to our plans, we did get to see more people this year than we did for Christmas 2020, so for that we are grateful. It just goes to show, that however much you plan, even with military precision, things change and there's not a thing you can do about it.

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